Web Apps

We develop high standard web apps mainly with react.js and all its related frameworks. Adhering to an efficient workflow we develop complex web apps based on the latest architecture. We make web apps successfully evolve… even on iOS or Android.

Open Hardware

A very powerful unit is the hardware department. It is committed to open source and hardware that is fun to develop with. 


Living in a digital world forces us to develop new ideas for creating tools and solutions for challenges outside the computer universe. With these tools we may inspire people to share their ideas within the scope of our projects.



We are firmly working on our first game release!

Expect a fancy game experperince and outstanding sound! Stay tuned. Not offical, but give it a try on your mobile!


…under development!

EvoCell Expore launching soon!

To demonstrate our powerful engine we provide you with rules developed by legendary mathematics in the field of cellular automata. Explore the amazing living patterns of this mathematic principle. Play and dig into!

Watch our history…

HexPaper available…

We created the EvoCell HexPaper because we needed it to draw and visualize ideas for our project. Many of our friends with pen & paper role-playing or computer gaming experience liked the idea, because it is used in so many games. Artists, designers and students also liked it very much for their dayly work.

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